Toptal for life

Today I heard about toptal through a friend and I decided to take a look… and in two minutes I’ve got so excited about it.

I started my professional life working for corporate companies and from the start I felt that it wasn’t right for me. I wanted to contribute on open source projects and I was struggled with the contract terms. I wanted to program at night and I was restricted to fulfil the labor time, and so on. I needed more!

So, I quit my job and started freelancing but fast I understood that it wasn’t a easy path. My clients didn’t value my work, clients didn’t pay me, I was struggling with client payments… and I started to think: “It must be another way.”

I need an intermediate between me and the client that can control the quality of my solution and the right payment of my hours of work. I hope to get my path through it!

If anyone has the same interest, here you go: toptal - Frequently Asked Questions


Ricardo Pereira


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